Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Districtt still making deliveries?


Yes. We are conducting business as usual but are offering customers the option of regular delivery as well as contactless delivery. We will confirm which option you prefer after you checkout.

Please note that some buildings are restricting third party access during this time. We ask that you confirm whether this is the case 24 hours prior to your scheduled move in date. If we arrive and are unable to complete the delivery, your account will be charged $150.  

If I choose regular delivery, are there any changes to the standard service?


In addition to our normal preparation guidelines, we also ask that you maintain a distance of 6 feet from our team and open all windows 30 minutes prior to our arrival. This will help to ensure that everyone involved is better protected.

What is the contactless delivery option?


As part of contactless delivery, no Districtt team member will enter your household. We will assemble the pieces that we can prior to delivery and will drop them off wherever you prefer (i.e. at your front door, in your building lobby, etc.). This does mean that some items will require self-assembly.

We will call you when complete to let you know that the delivery has been made. We will also send a confirmation email with pictures of the delivered furniture.

How do I know which items will require self-assembly if I choose contactless delivery?


During our post-checkout call, we will let you know which items in your order will require self-assembly. We will also provide you with assembly instructions at delivery.

I’m uncomfortable with the prospect of used furniture at this time. Is that a problem?


Nope. All furniture delivered during this time is brand new.

What other precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?


The safety of our team and our customers during this time is at the top of our priority list. All furniture and boxes that we bring into your home will be sanitized with disinfectant once it is taken off the truck.

Our Districtt team is required to wear gloves and masks during the move in process and sanitizes frequently between trips. We also take the temperatures of our employees to ensure that our team is healthy before they begin loading items onto the truck.


What is Districtt?


Districtt is a monthly subscription service that lets you easily get the home furnishings you need, for however long you need them. Pick out as many pieces as you like to create your perfect home set up and choose the desired subscription term (3-24 months). When your move in date arrives, we’ll move you in for no additional charge. At the end of your term, you have the option to buy, swap or return your items.

Okay, how exactly does the subscription service work?


It starts with our easy shopping experience. Use our site to discover curated rooms, individual furniture, and decor pieces for your new space. If you’d like some help, we have a network of designers who can offer design advice. After you checkout, we’ll call you to schedule your white-glove delivery and confirm payment information.

We deliver, assemble and place your items, then you enjoy! You have the option to swap any products you don’t like within the first 3 days. After that, you can change out items at any time for any reason through our Swap program. The first Swap is free, and each additional Swap is $98.

After you’ve enjoyed your furniture and your subscription comes to an end, you have many options. (1) Buyout your items at the retail price. All monthly payments will be credited towards retail price so all you owe is the difference. (2) Extend your subscription. You can either keep your original items or swap them out. (3) Return the items. We’ll provide the same move-out service you received when you first moved in.

What is a Swap?


A Swap - for subscription service only - allows you to swap existing items for new ones, or add new items to your space. Every customer is entitled to one free Swap a year and any additional are $98 per Swap –regardless of the number of items involved. If you’re interested in a Swap, contact your account manager to get started.

Please note that payments on an old item will not be credited to the retail price of new swapped item.

But why subscription furnishings?


We believe that being flexible is what makes it possible for our customers to live more conveniently. That's why Districtt offers furniture changes to all our customers. A furniture change is any trip our team makes to your home. During these trips you may swap your items for different ones, return items to the Districtt ecosystem if you don't want or need them anymore, or add new items to your space. Members qualify for one free change every year; all other furniture changes are flat-rate and cost $98 regardless of the number of items being swapped, picked up, or added. Delivery and assembly are included in this price. If you're interested in requesting a furniture change, please get in touch with your account manager to start the process.

Where do you deliver?


We currently deliver in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.If you're unsure whether we deliver to your address, please contact us with your zip code, and we'll let you know! If you're interested in us coming to your city, drop us a line at

What all can I subscribe to?


Currently, we offer furniture and select décor including textiles, wall arts and accessories. Join the mailing list to get notified about new exciting products. And, reach out at if you have item suggestions.

When do I schedule my move-in?


After you check out, we will schedule a 10 - 15 minute follow up call to go over the following items:

(1) Schedule your move in
(2) Confirm payment information
(3) Process first payment
(4) Obtain proof of renters insurance.

The Subscription

Is there a minimum subscription length?


We offer plans between 3-24 months. The longer the subscription length, the lower your monthly charge will be for each furniture piece. Keep in mind, all payments go toward ownership, so you never have to pay more than retail. 

If you are a professional stager and would like a 1-2 month lease, please reach out at

Are there monthly minimums?


The monthly minimum for all orders is $99/mo. The minimum subscription length is 3 months.

What if I want to change my furniture?


You have 3 days after we deliver your furniture to swap, add or remove items at no additional charge, so long as you maintain the minimum monthly order. After the first 3 days, all additional changes will be handled through our Swap program.

What happens if I need to end my subscription early?


In keeping with the fact that we want to make your life as flexible as possible, changes on our subscriptions are too. That being said, we do incur some costs when things don't go according to plan.

Since all pricing is based on the number of months you are renting, the longer you rent, the lower your monthly price is. If you decide to end your subscription early, we will rerate you at the monthly price for that new number of months. Example: your sofa is $100/mo for 12 month subscription. It is $150/mo for a 6 month subscription. If you had a 12 month subscription, but needed to cancel after 6 months, you would be charged the difference between what your total 6 months would have been with the 6 month rate, and the total you have paid so far. New price = $150 X 6 = $900, Paid so far = $100 X 6 =$600, You owe $300.

There is also a $99 moving fee as your pickup fee is not included when you cancel early.

What if I have pets?


What sort of flexibility would we be offering if we didn’t allow pets?! Yes, pets are not a problem, but we ask that you regularly remove any pet hair and keep them from damaging the furniture.


How does the delivery work?


After you checkout, a Districtt team member will call to schedule your move in. We will also re-confirm 24 hours prior to your scheduled date and time. The delivery itself includes all move in, assembly and arranging of your Districtt furniture.

While we try to assemble as many pieces as possible prior to move in, some items (i.e. bed frames) will require assembly in your space. But don’t worry! We’ll still do all the work. Due to liability reasons, we are only able to handle the items that we deliver.

How soon can you deliver?


All orders must be placed and confirmed 15 days prior to your desired move in date. If you need your furniture earlier, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance for my building?


Absolutely. Just let us know what is required and we will send it right over.  

Should I reserve an elevator for delivery day?


Yes! If your building has an elevator that is available for reservations, please make sure it is reserved prior to our arrival. Some buildings do not allow move-ins if the elevator is not reserved, so we would have to delay your delivery.

What else do I need to prepare prior to delivery?


We want to make the delivery experience as seamless as possible. Please make sure that all walkways are cleared and there is ample space for our team to assemble and arrange. We also ask that any pets are kept in a separate room during the move-in.

Can I move my furniture after it has been delivered?


We ask that you do not move any items once they have been placed by Districtt. Any damage caused by non-Districtt movers will be charged to your account and will not be covered by insurance purchased through our program.

Insurance & Damage

What if I damage my furniture?


We know that life happens. If an incident occurs involving Districtt furniture, please contact us within 24 hours of the incident and we will set a time to inspect the damage. If we can remedy the incident on site, there will be no charge to you. However, if the damage requires a more intensive cleaning or repair, the cost will be charged to your account.

When you return your items to Districtt, we will inspect for damage prior to moving them out of your living space. Minor damage and normal wear and tear is expected and you will not be charged for the cleaning and maintenance. However, any irreparable damage that renders the furniture unusable will result in a charge to your account.

Does Districtt offer furniture insurance?


Yes! After you check out, we will call you to discuss our insurance option. The insurance is charged up front and will protect you from any furniture damage during your term.

Payment & Checkout

Is there a credit check?


After check out, we do run a soft credit check -- soft credit checks do not affect your credit score in any way.

Is there a contract?


Yes. We will send you our lease agreement detailing the subscription after you checkout. Please review and sign at your earliest convenience but know that we cannot make the delivery until the lease agreement is signed.

How do I make my payments?


We accept all major credit and debit cards. We will confirm your payment information after checkout and will charge your card on the 1st of each month through the end of your subscription.

Your privacy is our priority, which is why we are compliant with all regulations related to privacy and security.

When does my subscription begin?


Your subscription begins the day we deliver your furniture. Your first month will be charged at checkout, but you will not be charged again until the 1st day of the 2nd month after we’ve delivered your furniture.

Is sales tax included in the product pricing?


Our listed prices do not include sales tax. This is added at checkout.