It Starts with Why

You need to live in space that feels like home... but you might move, like 11 more times... and you hate waste.


Introducing Districtt. Curated, sustainable furniture. Subscription pricing. White Glove Logistics.


Did you know?


The number of times you move on average before buying a house


The average cost of a 1-Bedroom, Long Distance Move (1K miles)

19.6 Billion

Pounds of furniture end up in a landfill each year

Life Takes You Places

New relationships, experiences, careers - it's these aspects of life that make us move all around the place. We believe that the ability to move around seamlessly to experience this variety is essential to life.

Gone are the days of living in your hometown forever. But that doesn't mean compromising on the essence of home - that should follow wherever you go.

Making Moves Frictionless

So you need to relocate based on opportunities that lie ahead - we believe this moving should happen with grace and without friction.

We started Districtt to be your one stop solution for traveling light and living beautifully.

We think moving your stuff should be as easy as sending an email - focus on your journey, not your furniture's.

Cutting Down on Waste

Fast-furniture retailers have created a dangerous paradigm. Knock-off products for really low prices. Seems great, until you realize that it comes at a different cost: Earth's climate.

Join us in our mission to provide quality, lasting furniture that is part of our circular furniture system - keeping furniture out of landfills and reducing carbon emissions that contribute to our climate crisis.

Our Story

Motivated by jobs, relationships and the like founders Trey & Cameron, whose work started together running their first business in college, both found themselves moving throughout the country time and time again. Sharing the belief that moving was incredibly difficult to coordinate and far too costly, they decided to create a solution.

Realizing incumbent furniture retailers do not have the wherewithal to address the new generation of nomadic professionals or the deteriorating health of our climate, Cameron and Trey developed a service that enables anyone to live in a place that feels like home while you need it, and can disappear as soon as that next opportunity comes up. A solution that will create a circular furniture economy that keeps waste out of landfills.

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