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Shop Curated Furniture

All Districtt furniture has been hand picked by talented interior designers. Our designers focus on giving you a variety of up-to-date styles. Say good bye to boring , fast furniture.

We're here to help you through the shopping experience. Districtt is a full-service furniture solution. Start with items, rooms, or reach out to one of our designers for help.

White Glove Delivery

All Move-In services are included in the price of your furniture subscription. During your selected time slot, our team of vetted, white glove delivery experts deliver, assemble, and arrange your pieces.

Other online furniture shops leave you at checkout. They contract with any old logistics company meaning you can't be sure about the timeliness or quality of a given delivery.

With Districtt, you save time and money while our team uses industry expertise and lean logistics to keep costs low and quality high.
STEP Three

Relax in Style

First, make sure you love everything you've ordered. You have 3 days to return or swap out anything that isn't perfect, all for free.

Once you've settled in, enjoy your furniture! Our subscription service is built for you singles, families and dog owners, so you don't have to worry about living your life.

As you subscription goes on, you may want to swap out items due to seasonal or personal style changes. We offer 1 free Swap (outside of your initial 3 day return period) with every subscription. Love to swap? Each additional Swap is $98.

Custom Journey

Other furniture retailers leave you at checkout. At Districtt, we want to help you wherever life may take you.

Deciding to stay at your place? You can extend your existing subscription, add or swap new pieces, or simply buyout your furniture - without paying more than retail.

Going to move? New apartment - we'll move you. New city - return your items and get them again where you're headed.

Traveling the world on motorcycle in hopes of becoming an influencer? Okay, you can return your items. But, know we'll miss you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to change my furniture?


All changes are handled through our "Swap" program. A Swap allows you to swap existing items for new ones, return items back to Districtt, or add new items to your space. Every customer is entitled to one free Swap a year and any additional are $98 per Swap – regardless of the number of items involved. If you’re interested in a Swap, contact your account manager to get started.

Please note that payments on an old item will not be credited to the retail price of a swapped item.

What if I want to buyout my furniture?


Many people get Districtt for the opportunity to try furniture IRL before they commit long-term. If you love your items and want to keep them, awesome! Your monthly furniture payments can go toward buyout and you'll never pay more than retail on any item. You can wait until the end of your plan to buyout or at any point during your subscription. Please note that if items are swapped, previous payments do not carry over to swapped items.

What happens if I need to move?


If you move while renting Districtt furniture and your new address is within our approved delivery zone, our team will move your Districtt furniture for $198. During your move you may swap, add, or remove items; any furniture change will be scheduled to happen on the same day as your move and comes with the requisite fee of $98.

I’m uncomfortable with the prospect of used furniture at this time. Is that a problem?


Nope. All furniture delivered during this time is brand new

What if I want to have my furniture for less than 3 months?


We do not offer a plan that is shorter than 3 months. You may have your items picked up before the end of your 3 month minimum commitment, but you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the full 3 months of your plan.

What happens if I accidentally break or stain an item?


Don’t stress, we know life happens! We offer upholstery on our items that is commercial grade and is made for living. We can typically get most stains out to make the furniture look as-good-as-new once we receive the furniture back at the end of your subscription. For more extensive stains or damages, pleaseso we can discuss and evaluate next steps.